Welcome to our dropship service

Fancy Dress Dropship

 Hiya,  we would like to introduce ourselves, we are Kenickys Fancy Dress.  

We are a new business specialising in handmade fancy dress costumes tailor made for customer’s needs.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new drop shipping service to you.

With many pre packed fancy dress costumes, they sometimes do not offer the sizes required for everyone. This means that so many customers are left wanting and this will leave the customer disheartened and without a costume.  This is where we come in, we specialise in tailor making fancy dress costumes for everyone.  We always ensure that our customers have a costume that will be perfect for them.  By using our new drop ship option it will allow you to offer a specialised and personal service to your customers. This way you can reach new customers and create a larger customer base and repeat business.

What does our drop shipping service entail?

We would allow you to advertise any of our stock on your own e commerce website at a price you wish to sell at.  When you make a sale you would take payment and place all handmade orders received on the day to us before 5pm.  Once all the customers details have been received, we will charge your credit card or bank card and include your discounted 15% drop ship rate.  We will then make the costume and dispatch the item directly to your customer.  Your customer will think it's from you as we label the senders address as yours, basically you will have made a risk free profit without holding any stock.

Why choose Kenickys Drop ship option

Get us to drop ship your sales to your customers directly, hold no stock and minimise your risk! Sell any of our fantastic handmade products and buy from us here at our 15% discounted drop ship rate.

If you would like to make money from selling handmade fancy dress costumes, but do not have the time, space or financial resources to buy in bulk then this is the answer.  We bring over 30 years of experience in the fabric industry, which means we know what we were doing and are always happy to offer advice. 

More costumes will be added regularly offering your customers fresh and original costumes.

Put your faith in Kenickys - We promise to make our costumes within 10 working days and dispatch all orders once completed quickly and safely.

And remember at Kenickys Fancy Dress we are always here to help and we will work together with you and make sure that all orders are dealt with easily and professionally, so please just ask if you require any more information. 

Delivery and timescales

Our costumes will take up to 10 working days to make - The only time this is subject to change is due to Bank Holidays

Once our costumes are completed they will then be dispatched on the day of completion to the customer.  A confirmation email will then be sent to you updating the dispatch.

Delivery Terms

All costumes will be sent out via first class recorded delivery.

The costs are £3.00 for the 1st item.

£1.50 any additional item to the same customer at the same address.

Please do not forget to add your own delivery costs on to the costumes as postage will be charged to your order.

Please contact us regarding any questions that you have 

Contact us today on 07403 720 248 or alternatively email us at kenickys@yahoo.co.uk or click the contact us box below.

Contact us today!!