Welcome to our fabulous range of Handmade 

Women's 60's Fancy Dress Costumes 

Available in every size

All our handmade collection can be made in any size and in various colours so please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions or requests that you might have.   We can even make alterations to the length of the dress and also add sleeves to suit the wearer.  Making sure you have a fantastic dress for you fancy dress party.

 60's Panel Dress 

From Only £24.99

 60's Pinstripe Dress

 From Only £24.99

 60's MOD Dress

From Only £23.99

 Retro Two Tone Dress

From Only 23.99

 60's Two Tone Dress

From £23.99 

 60's Panel Dress

From £23,99

60's Chic Dress

From £29.99 

60's Panel Dress 

From £23.99

 60's Check Mini Dress

From £23.99


Please contact us regarding any questions that you might have 

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